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Driveway alarms are used for residential and small commercial businesses to alert you that visitors or customers have arrived. It can be very useful to know when visitors or delivery services are arriving as well as having a pre-entry security alert system. Driveway alarms may be connected to flashing strobe lights, bells, sirens, security systems, cctv motion recording cameras, automation panels and alarm dialers. They may also be used to turn on outside lights to deter unwelcome visitors and / or activate lighting the drive way for your arrival home.

Wireless driveway alarms have become very popular with the introduction of reliable, long range transmitters. The receiver, which creates the chime sound or triggers external annunciators, is usually placed in a central location of the home or business. It will chime or annouce an alert for you of approaching people or cars, like an automatic door bell. A weatherproof wireless transmitter is mounted on a tree, fence or post beside the driveway. These transmitters may be infra red which detect people and cars, or metal detection sensors which only sense vehicles. We also carry a wireless rubber hose version similar to gas station bells. The Infra red systems will detect movement up to about 60 to 80 feet away right in front of their sensor.

Wireless Driveway Alarms are capable of sending their wireless signals up to four miles line of sight! Wireless driveway alarm system installation is very easy especially because their are no wires to run! All sensor types are available in wireless driveway systems. It is less expensive to install wireless driveway alarms and system expansion is much easier.