There are two main types of wireless driveway alarms:


Wireless Infrared Driveway Alarms work by detecting moving heat and are perfect for locations where you wish to know when people as well as vehicles are entering driveway. They are NOT motion detectors and will not pick up objects which are the same temperature as the background. Mount these sensors on trees or posts at approximately the same height as a car engine and know you will never have a surprise visitor again!

Infrared Driveway Alarms Features / Benefits

  • Will Detect Both People and Vehicles
  • All of our Infra-Red Driveway Sensors are Wireless
  • Is NOT a Motion Sensor, will only alarm when it detects moving Heat (ie. car engine, person, large animals)

Vehicle Sensing:

Vehicle Sensing Driveway Alarms all use magnetic, metal sensing probes to detect moving metal. The probes can be buried (beside the driveway), or just placed near the area you wish to monitor. With metal sensing probes you will never pick up large animals, people etc. and will only receive an alarm when a large metal object such as a vehicle moves by the sensor probe. Never have a false alarm with our probe driveway sensors! They only detect moving metal so you will never receive a false alarm from pets, deer etc.

Vehicle Sensing Wireless Driveway Alarm Features / Benefits:
  • Probe is typically buried beside or if possible beneath the driveway
  • Probe only detects moving metal so will NOT detect people, animals etc.